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About Aesthetic Dento-Facial Associates

At Aesthetic Dento-Facial Associates, it is all about offering a unique, patient centered service. Your local dentist should be a place that you feel comfortable going when you have a problem with your teeth or gums, and that is certainly what has been created here. It is important that you get the best possible care for your teeth, which is why a thorough examination of your mouth will be conducted with three-dimensional imaging technology. 

It is important that you know the cost, process and outcome of every possible option that you have, which is why you will be talked through each and every one that is available to you. There is no such thing as a wrong choice, and you will be completely in control of everything after being given the specialist advice. Aesthetic Dento-Facial Associates know how important caring for your mouth is, and that is why the ultimate decision about everything lies with you. The dentists will be able to give you their opinion and professional advice, but you will always know that your oral health is in your hands.

About Sandy Springs, GA

If you head over to Fulton County in Georgia then up North you will find the beautiful area of Sandy Springs. It is part of the Atlanta Metropolitan area and as of 2017, only had a population of just under 107,000. If you love nature, then this is certainly the place for you to be. With a variety of beautiful parks and nature reserves, there is always going to be a beautiful view for you to rest your eyes on. You can look forward to heading down a whole host of nature trails at Chattahoochee Nature Center, or go river rafting at Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. If you adore the outdoors, then there is never going to be a dull moment for you in Sandy Springs.

Or, you can go down to Chastain Memorial Park where you will find a pool, tennis courts, playgrounds and so many more exciting things to do. You can have a wonderful day out with the kids at the playground and the pool, or take a relaxing day for yourself and just enjoy the peace and scenery. The options are endless, just make sure that you are checking the weather before you head out, because while it is usually quite warm, the weather is always unpredictable!

There are also some excellent museums that you can visit such as Anne Frank in the World. Alternatively if history is not your thing, then why not take a trip to the Center Ice Arena and have yourself a fun day out! Do you see what we mean when we say this place is vast in the possibilities that it can offer you? There is nothing that you could think of that Sandy Springs can not provide for you. Whether it is nature and parks, fun and games, or simply beautiful views that make you happy, you will find it all in this wonderful city.